News for Fall!


News for Fall!

So many commercial callbacks – You can call me a LazyBoy, but I will always make time to Stop and Shop, because I’m feeling better with Lyrica!

Details about where you can see and hear me around town will be released soon!

Love and Joy Come to You

Over the past 6 weeks many new people have come into my life. I am so keenly feeling the impact of these people at this very moment. Maybe the fact that I’m playing The Ghost of Christmas Present in A Christmas Carol has something to do with it. Continue reading

“N.Y.C. Part 2 – I Give You Fair Warning”

NYC: I give you fair warning –
Up there in lights I’ll be!

So we’re in the week following Superstorm Sandy, and there’s a presidential election, a Nor’easter, and opening night of Annie on Broadway. Yes, I’m bringin’ it back Continue reading

“N.Y.C. Part 1 – What Is It About You?”

NYC… What is it about you?

You’re big, you’re loud… you’re tough.

It has never been tougher than right now for some New Yorkers. Today has Continue reading

“The Calm Within the Storm”

With “Superstorm Sandy” making its way over the U.S. and a literally shaking, yet water-free apartment, I’ve been trying to avoid the hurricane porn Continue reading

“I’m Overflowing”

My girlfriend, Cassi, and I have a thing we say that began pretty much when we started dating. We fell for each other almost instantly. Typical lesbians. “I love you” didn’t happen on the first date Continue reading

“Work It”

I am so excited to have finally navigated my way through claiming my domain name, understanding that I need a web host and finding one, then actually Continue reading

“I Love Talking To Actors”

I love talking to actors. I’ve started calling these alternately formal and informal conversations “Actor Chats.” My Actor Chats are a product of the first day  Continue reading