Love and Joy Come to You

Over the past 6 weeks many new people have come into my life. I am so keenly feeling the impact of these people at this very moment. Maybe the fact that I’m playing The Ghost of Christmas Present in A Christmas Carol has something to do with it. You know, feeling very connected to the present. Yeah, yeah, that’s what we’re always supposed to do, in life and in acting, but something in me clicked and connected and I feel plugged in and like things feel 20 times deeper than usual. Maybe it’s the winter solstice. Connections that started off as random a few weeks ago have become true friendships. A brief introduction turned into a 2 hour meaningful and fascinating conversation. It seems like love is pouring out from people all around me and filling every human vessel it encounters. People are talking about love left and right. Is it just the Christmas spirit? If so then I wonder if I have ever truly known Christmas. But it seems that this year I do, and it hasn’t had anything to do with lights or presents or turkey. It’s been about gay boy house parties, Korean Food and Snowflakes and Borrowing Coats two sizes too small, and getting busted, and laughing like a hyena, and cats that won’t stop spooning you, sharing cupcakes, Robot Art and music and love that won’t let you stop hugging and kissing. Friends for 15 years and friends for a minute and everyone in between. People who get it. Whatever this is, I’m keeping it with me.

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