“Work It”

I am so excited to have finally navigated my way through claiming my domain name, understanding that I need a web host and finding one, then actually starting work on my website. Making dreams come true in so many ways!

Also, I’m a little sleep deprived from suddenly embarking on this expedition.

Update: 6/3/12

After today’s official launch of my website I am still sleep deprived, having pulled several all-nighters in order to get the basics up and running before a now even more well-deserved break at home in Hawaii if-I-do-say-so-myself! I’m so excited that I can say that I built this website from scratch without anyone’s help… except for WordPress which was a big help, and I guess I don’t have a leg to stand on against my friends who built theirs from HTML code…But now I do have an understanding of the idea of code and have used it in the most simple forms. I learned so much about the internet by just getting the site to a publicly viewable point, and have so much more I want to learn! If anyone has favorite plug-ins they’d like to share please do so in the comments section!

But enough of the technical talk. The most exciting part about launching my new website is the conversations that I hope to have with friends, fans and supporters of the arts. While needing a home for my professional content, allowing exposure through this content, I wanted a place where a record could be made of the actors journey, starting at the beginning. A very good place to start. I look forward to sharing my journey here, and I’m grateful to all who are embarking along with me.

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